Sunflower Beaded Lanyard

Sunflower Beaded Lanyard

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This Sunflower Beaded lanyard is perfect for the workplace. Each beaded lanyard will hold your work ID securely—and in style! 

Due to popular demand, we're introducing our exclusive sunflower beaded lanyard, handmade with love by the Ga'dang women of Nueva Vizcaya! After the release of our Sunflower earrings, a lot of working mommas have requested us beaded lanyard badge holders that will add fashion to their everyday work attire.

At the core of this 45-cm beaded lanyard is a thick white nylon lace strategically added for further support and firmer hold.

Boxed in dainty tampipi boxes with cute mini sunflowers that are sure to brighten up your mood on any day!

Dimensions: 44-cm long

Attachment: Split ring

What's in the box?

  • 1 handmade Ga'dang Sunflower Beaded Lanyard
  • Small Information tags

What is the shipping rate for gift boxes?

The Standard shipping rate applies to the Gift Box which costs 120 pesos.

What occasion is this gift box for?

The Gift Box can be for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas gifts, or tokens of appreciation- the perfect gift for any occasion.