Tampipi Box: The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Box

When we started our small venture during the dawn of the pandemic, our team agreed to strictly use eco-friendly packaging only. When we discovered the "tampipi box" or "pandan box", its butterflies and rainbows from there. This native box revolutionized sustainable packaging in the Philippines during the pandemic.

What is Tampipi Box?

Tampipi box is woven out of dried pandan leaves. Tampipis rose to fame when a pizza parlor in Laguna, Philippines called The BrickOven Café used tampipis for pizza and other dishes. Since then, tampipis gift boxes have been molded creatively into different shapes - round, rectangular, and even heart shapes!

Heart Tampipi Gift Box

What is Tampipi made of?

Tampipis are made of sun-dried pandan leaves skillfully woven by craftspersons in Cavinti town in Laguna, known for its pandan-made products. The Tampipi revolution provided a huge opportunity and market to the weaving families of Cavinti. 

Tampipis or the native pandan box portrays ingenuity among us Filipinos. As a packaging material, the rise of tampipi boxes meets every solution to sustainability, preservation of traditional crafts, design innovation, and community development. 


How did Batik Atbp started with the Tampipis?

Since Batik Atbp was founded with sustainability in mind, the team has been keen on using eco-friendly packaging only. While using corrugated cartons can always be a comfortable option, we wanted to offer aesthetically pleasing packaging. Upon learning about the famous tampipizza of Laguna, we sought the tampipi craftsmen of Cavinti. A few weeks later, Batik Atbp launched its very own tampipi gift boxes. If you're looking for an affordable range of unique gift boxes locally sourced from the Philippines, check out our tokens online.

  • Batik Atbp curated the best-selling coffee gift box sealed thoughtfully in eco-friendly packaging. This is a corporate giveaway favorite that screams sustainability in all aspects that any corporate or private group is in support of. Included inside the gift box are medium roasted Robusta coffee from Kalinga, pure and wild forest honey from Calayan Island, and a french press to complete the provincial coffee sipping experience.
  • One of Batik Atbp's finest curation is the Agyaman Gift Box. ["Agyaman" an Ilocano term for "Thank You"]. Inside this package comes an assortment of Northern goods that have passed the standards of Filipinos all over the country. From handwoven scarf and mask Benguet to gourmet food products from North Luzon including Cagayan choco balls, coffee, and honey! The custom curated Agyaman package is perfectly presented and superbly packaged with custom ribbons and gift cards.
  • If you're looking for gift boxes below Php 300, Batik Atbp also offers the coffee and honey gift box comboRobusta coffee in burlap bagsWild honey, and Highland Chili Oil.

Where to source tampipi boxes?

Tampipi boxes are abundant in Cavinti - a third-class municipality in the province of Laguna, Philippines. 

Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius)is an upright, green plant with fan-shaped sprays of long, narrow, blade-like leaves and woody aerial roots, with an aromatic fragrance. Pandan is so much a part of the Cavinti culture. In 2015, a local all-women cooperative called Kalakal Cavinti Atbp. gathered around 5,000 pandan leaves and painstakingly handcrafted the world's largest pandan mat.

In 2020, Cavinti vastly carved its name in revolutionizing the tampipi industry. Now the local market has fluctuated with hundreds of tampipi weavers offering an array of tampipi products in any size and shape. Batik Atbp's Tampuso gift-box, cleverly heart-shaped in time for Valentine's, has quickly become a seasonal favorite among curated gift boxes.

What are the benefits of Tampipi?

One of the benefits of Tampipi is its sturdy structure. This box or vessel can hold any items inside without losing their shape (unless folded or distorted during transit). Another benefit of tampipi is its appearance. Since consumers now consider aesthetics with every purchase, Tampipi boasts the rustic vibe when you receive one.

More importantly, tampipis provide a strong economy to local pandan weavers, especially during the pandemic. The pandan supply is stronger now that this new gift box option has steeping demand locally and overseas.

Coffee Gift Box by Batik Atbp

What are the other uses of Tampipi?

Tampipi is a very versatile product that can be utilized not only as a gift box but also as pots, tissue holders, food packaging, cushions and so much more.

Tampipi pizza boxes have been very successful in eliminating greasy pizza boxes that cannot be recycled in junk shops. In one occasion, the BrickOven Cafe introduced the Sambalilo TampiPizza, a woven pizza box, and hat in one!

There are many other uses of Tampipi that are yet to be made, send your idea to the pandan crafters and they are up to it. 

Sambalilo TampiPizza

Source: The BrickOven Cafe Facebook Page

Is the tampipi industry fair trade?

One of the many things we love about tampipis is that we get to buy straight from the weavers! They know the price of their craft and we humbly purchase based on their rates. If we have anything to suggest to future clients, don't haggle with local craftsmen. They take pride in their work and should bring food to their table as well. We love working with local artisans and we promote fair trade in all our products and services.


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