Of Weavers and Leaves

Wildfires, natural calamities, economies falling and wide scale death - with all the things happening in the world right now, we often find it hard to appreciate the good things which transpire in between the bad news.

Despite what’s happening in our lives, there is still hope for a better tomorrow. According to the World Environment Organization (WEO), the economic decline brought about by the global pandemic which caused the ceasing of usual activities actually created an opportunity for the environment to regain balance.

But despite this fact, there is still more to be done in terms of making the world a better place for future generations.

Recently, a marketing gimmick by a small café in the Philippines went viral when they started packing their take out pizzas in Tampipi. A Tampipi, for those who doesn’t know it yet, is a traditional Filipino handicraft which is made of dried Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) leaves. Once woven into a box, the Tampipi stays firm over time- a perfect alternative to plastic containers which eventually adds to the worsening global environmental pollution.

Then again, a viral post on a social media platform won’t create a ripple if it is not acted on with firm commitment. Ever since, the numbers of business in the Philippines adapted the use of Tampipi in packing their various products starting from footwear, fashion and food.

Batik Atbp has always been a firm believer of the benefits of shunning the use of single use plastics (SUPs). From the very beginning, we avoided the use of any kind of plastic in our products and packaging. Our commitment to the cause of environmental sustainability incurred a premium price on our packages since non-plastic materials are more expensive compared to their plastic counterparts. Without any hesitation, we at Batik Atbp didn’t mind spending a little more on eco-friendly packaging since our firm belief that there is a better future waiting for us if we truly embody the role of custodians for the environment is unshaken.

With this in mind, Batik Atbp proudly announces that we are furthering our commitment of environmental sustainability by choosing to use Tampipi boxes to pack majority of our products. We believe that this step will be effective in achieving our goal of zero waste in all our operations.

As Filipinos ourselves, we will no longer deny the fact mandated by our blood and culture that we are all connected by nature. And with this, we will continue to pave the road in making the world realize that there is always a better, greener alternative to everything.

Yes, all of us have, one way or another, have benefited from the use of plastics in the past. Sadly, we are now reaping the seeds of environmental pollution that we have sown for decades.

Eventually, people will realize that taking care of the environment is as equally important as taking care of our families and hopefully, the mistakes that we have committed in the past will hinder us from doing the same mistakes again.


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