Batik Atbp: A Certified Lokalista

Batik Atbp is one of the ten winners of J&T Express Philippines’ Certified Lokalista campaign! All winners will be enjoying safer, faster, and more reliable delivery services which are worth PHP20,000, but without having to pay for it. Counted among the most popular sellers in the country, they now have greater opportunities of marketing and promoting their products and services to locations beyond their own regions.

Batik Atbp was chosen because of its culturally-driven objectives to promote the artisan products of Northern Luzon. As a form of giving back to its thousands of followers, Batik Atbp decided to waive shipping fees for 31 days between January 24, 2021 to February 28, 2021. 

The #CertifiedLokalista campaign, which began on Oct. 16, 2020 and will run up to January 14, 2021, encourages people to buy local and to patronize and support small- and medium-sized enterprises in a bid to promote regional products to a larger national audience.

With 75,000 online entrepreneurs now active on digital marketplaces, DTI “did a backward integration on helping people to start their own business and onboard e-commerce.”

The campaign kickstarted in 2020 by awarding Filipino entrepreneurs with a Certified Lokalista badge that will recognize them as J&T trusted sellers.

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