Who is Batik Atbp?

Batik Atbp is a collective group which aims to foster various cultures in the Philippines in the hope of maintaining and preserving traditional ways and practices of different ethnic groups.

Kalinga Face Masks by Batik Atbp

Batik, Cordillera Textiles + Local Products

Founded in 2020, a small group of entrepreneurs decided to make Batik Atbp a functioning vision. Initially fascinated with the “Batik” textile art of Indonesia which showcased the artful mastery of dyeing fabric, the group ultimately chose to support local weaving traditions that are indigenous in the Philippines.

 It all started with a quick trip to Tabuk City, the capital of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) in northern Luzon.

Upon staying for a few days on the mountainous region, the group realized the abundance of native traditions that were captivating and eye catching. Then the thought hit that a culture as rich as the Kalinga’s were supposed to be appreciated by current and future generations to come.

Kalinga Culture - Beyond Ink

Kalinga Tattoo Patterns

There are many traditions that attracted the group, but one stood out- the Kalinga art of weaving textiles. Using colorful fabric, the master weavers of Kalinga captivated both the mind and soul of the group by showing their traditional weaving techniques in creating complex patterns that have their own respective meanings.

An Eye Opener

On the other hand, one sad fact that the village elder announced was that, due to the pressures of modern machinery and industry, the art of weaving was slowly fading away to oblivion. Young women that were supposed to be apprentice weavers were now being sent to factories to work with modern standardized modes of production.

That was the eye opener that led to Batik Atbp’s conception. 

Our Commitment

Batik Atbp focuses on teaching deaf and mute women from the Cordilleras on how to traditionally weave fabric. Once a finished product is produced, the proceeds from the sale of such products are redirected to the same women who made them which will eventually be used to send them or their children to school in order to get a formal education.

Alas, Batik Atbp’s visionaries know that preserving a tradition is no piece of cake. Instead, it takes a lot of effort, patience and sacrifice in order to achieve such goals. Yes, we know that the road we are trudging is rough, but we take pride and dedication with every step we take so that one day, our children and their children after them would be able to enjoy the traditions that we are trying to save today.

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