Amianan Bundles: The New Gift for the New Normal

The season of gift giving is almost upon us once again. With all the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, finding the right gifts for the significant people in our lives seems to be more challenging in this new normal.

Most people say that gifts are not about the appearance nor the content within, instead, it’s more about the thought that fosters relationships and the spirit of camaraderie. Moreover, over-the-counter gift boxes have been a cliché for the longest time.

What if there was a way where we can obtain the most splendid artisan goods conveniently delivered to our doorsteps, help the livelihood of Indigenous people and help lessen the pollution of the environment?

With these in mind, Batik Atbp Kolektib along with our partner indigenous people weavers and craftsmen concocted a gift box that is nothing like anything that you have ever seen before. We proudly bring you our Amianan Gift Boxes - Northern culture and tradition in one gift box!

Table Runner Gift Box

Specially curated for the most sophisticated taste in terms of cultural goods, we made sure to include the best of the best Northern Luzon has to offer to the rest of the Philippines. Borders between provinces are strict nowadays but Batik Atbp made sure that the culture of the North can be readily available in any part of the country.

Amianan Gift Box

From traditionally handwoven textiles of Benguet, Cordillera, Abra and Kalinga, artisan consumables of Cagayan Valley and rare specialties of Calayan Island, we moved mountains in order to make our vision of an all-in-one gift box a reality.

Amianan Gift Box

On top of the best of the best the north has to offer, we also made sure that all these goods are delivered to you in the most secure and environmentally sustainable way possible. As one of the core values that Batik Atbp offers to its patrons, we have chosen to place your artisan goods in handwoven Tampipi boxes in order to give it a unique aesthetic appeal without compromising our advocacy of not using plastics which eventually ends up polluting our environment.

Linaktub Gift Box

To further foster the spirit of gift giving and charity, Batik Atbp will be offering these Amianan Gift Boxes in bundles which aims to give you the best value when requesting higher quantities- simply the best gift boxes with the best deals!


Amianan Gift Boxes

Truly, the new normal brings out the resilience in each one of us. As we enter the final quarter of 2020, we encourage you to think differently in terms of helping our fellow Filipinos and our environment. Get the most unique gift for the most special people in your life.

Think Local.

Shop Local.

Batik Atbp Kolektib

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