• Holiday Waste In The Philippines

    The holidays are officially in full swing -a nd that means our weekends are packed with cocktail parties, wrapping presents, and hosting friends a...
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  • On Local Artisanship and Commercialization

    A Reflection Paper By Karlo Biatro B. Gumabay, a BA Anthropology student at the University of The Philippines Baguio.      One cannot deny the u...
  • Amianan Bundles: The New Gift for the New Normal

    What if there was a way where we can obtain the most splendid artisan goods conveniently delivered to our doorsteps, help the livelihood of Indigenous people and help lessen the pollution of the environment?

    The season of gift giving is almost upon us once again. With all the hustle and bustle of modern-day living, finding the right gifts for the significant people in our lives seems to be more challenging in this new normal.

    With these in mind, Batik Atbp Kolektib along with our partner indigenous people weavers and craftsmen concocted a gift box that is nothing like anything that you have ever seen before. We proudly bring you our Amianan Gift Boxes - Northern culture and tradition in one gift box!

  • Kultura at Pag-asa Laban Sa Sakuna: Batik Atbp Kolektib

    Isa sa mga pinakaapektadong sector ng ekonomiya ngayong panahon ng pandemiya ay ang Tourism industry. Dahil sa paglockdown sa iba’t ibang lungsod n...
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    Check out this gallery of vibrant photos to get a peak of Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga, Philippines. Discover the elements that make Buscalan  gold - its people, tradition and pride. Photographer: Mikel Ray Asuncion Mendoza
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  • Who is Batik Atbp?

    Batik, Cordillera Textiles + Local Products

    Founded in 2020, a small group of entrepreneurs decided to make Batik Atbp a functioning vision. Initially fascinated with the “Batik” textile art of Indonesia which showcased the artful mastery of dyeing fabric, the group ultimately chose to support local weaving traditions that are indigenous in the Philippines.